Therefore You will start respecting him less, especially if it happens to him often.

And the teenager of subjects respects the parents less, than more often he sees them lost control over themselves.

Therefore you have to be more balanced, not lose patience, in whatever form it expressed the independence and aspiration to freedom.

By no means it is impossible to block that way on which your teenager comes back to you to fill up the emotional stock.

It is extremely important if you want to see it the fullfledged person and the integral personality.

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Sometimes At heart it was a shame to it with the failure.

But he did not admit it, assuring that hates school.

Even before its school troubles began, he badly got on with the companions.

Consciousness of that all consider it as the numskull, only worsened business.

The vanity of the child was wounded.

Sometimes he started defying before a class.

The teacher thought that he purposely behaves badly.

Actually the child tried in such unsuccessful way to draw attention of collective.

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DENIZ AND BILL Certainly, revolt against cultural wealth.

Against what then the child in the behavior will go?

Against church and religious tenor of life.

But there is no guarantee that other prime priorities of a family will manage to leave from attention.

Most likely, parents should deal with revolt against two or three main values.

DENIZ AND BILL In many families the probability is great that at them will be both a protsentnik, and a protsentnik.

It can create additional difficulties.

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Other way to accustom

Other way to accustom At first carefully knead food a fork and put it to the child in a mouth in very small portions.

As the child gets used to a new consistence of food, do slices more and more.

Other way to accustom the child to food slices the following: let him take fingers a food slice, for example a carrots cube, and puts it in a mouth.

If you try to thrust to it into a mouth a full spoon of slices, it can impart to it disgust for such consistence of food.

It is not obligatory to give all food in the form of slices.

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He probably

He probably That means theft at more conscious age.

When the child of years takes others thing, he knows that arrives badly.

He probably will make it secretly, will hide stolen and will deny the fault.

When parents or the teacher catch the child on theft, they very much are upset; their first desire to attack on the child with reproaches and to shame him.

It is natural: after all all of us were taught that theft a serious crime.

To us it becomes terrible when our child steals.

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The child

The child From a typical pose of the newborn there is a moderate bending in coxofemoral joints buttocks though also are raised, but it is not enough.

The child is capable not only to turn the head aside, he can even raise it for some seconds, sometimes rather highly fig.


In situation on a stomach it is useful for child to spend not less than minutes per day.

It is necessary to spread it on a stomach before each feeding and a dream.

To sleep on a stomach children of the first year of life are not recommended to choke because of the increased risk.

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Therefore Later, when the young man will define vital ethical and spiritual values and it usually occurs aged from till years, he / she becomes capable to prove reasonably, logically and accurately the acts and not to resort to selfdestructive, passive aggressively to expression of anger.

Therefore we, parents, have to especially diligently teach the teenagers to cope with anger.

GUARDIAN ANGELS My former pastor, Moncrieff Jordan, told me about one friend and as this history has a direct bearing on our subject, I want to retell it to you.

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