I then was years

I then was years But when it executed year, it became obvious that it not only a cerebral palsy and a heavy form has epilepsies, but as intellectually it too seriously lags behind.

I then was years old, I was the husband and the father, but suddenly had such feelings which considered simply impossible for himself earlier.

I was overwhelmed by rage, irritation, to me it was intolerably sick, I felt guilty and absolutely defective as the man, the father and the husband.

There were to bear no forces this freight, and I wanted to escape, hide simply, especially when I saw that Cathie's condition does not improve.

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It is not necessary

It is not necessary But feet meanwhile are still bent in knee and coxofemoral joints.

It is not necessary to use this motor ability of the child as physical exercise because oporno the motive device is not ready to standing and walking yet.


If the child at this fatherinlaw strongly rests the straightened feet, becomes on socks, and at an inclination of an upper body does the repeated and fast step movements forward, it is necessary to address to the children's neurologist immediately.

Such standing and gait are not signs of the accelerated development of the child.

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Due to imagination

Due to imagination For boys the beginning of visit of kindergarten can be postponed until , years.

The independent roleplaying game is improved.

For example, playing with a doll or a bear, the child can speak I is a mother, I am a doctor, that is assumes a certain role.

Dresses and undresses dolls.

Shows imagination in game a chair the car, a cube soap.

Due to imagination can carry out game actions without subjects.

Dreams in game, entering into it fantastic heroes.

In game calls himself some character.

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At first

At first The boy was chilled and coughed.

The doctor prescribed medicine against cough.

In months the child again began to cough, and mother again gave him the same medicine, without having consulted to the doctor.

At first medicine helped a little, and then cough so amplified that all the same it was necessary to call the doctor.

At once it became clear to the doctor that the child has not a cold, but whooping cough.

He would establish it a week ago if it was caused.

The child should be separated from other children that he did not infect them.

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And many

And many What has to be a spoon.

The usual teaspoon is too great for a mouth of the small child.

And many types of spoons too deep so it is difficult for child to remove from them food.

It is better to feed the child with a coffee spoon with more flat bottom.

Some mothers use wooden sticks same, what doctors use at survey of a throat of the child.


The order of introduction of different types of firm food does not matter.

Usually first of all give porridges.

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Onaochen It is a pity that we did not listen to councils of Mrs.


Onaochen good teacher.

Gradually Debbie became indifferent and to life.

One behind another she gave up all the hobbies and, appear, lost interest in everything, even to church.

Started avoiding the best friends and more and more time one saw off.

Talked a little.

But a year ago everything became even worse.

She completely moved away from the old friends and started communicating with children from the street.

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And I understood

And I understood :.

When about two years were Deyvidu, I understood that he treats the second group of children, percent.

Obviously, it was from what live under the slogan: I will make everything itself.

And I understood that it is necessary to do to cope with it.

If it happened to Deyvidu to fall into anger, it never was for us secret because, unlike Deyla, it expressed the feelings very openly.

We with Pat tried to watch attentively him and to help it to show discontent which as we knew, sometimes seized it.

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