Quality Intensity.

amount of the energy used at expression of emotions and moods.

A reactivity threshold the level of intensity of the incentive demanded in order that the necessary reaction was shown.

Quality of mood a positive spirit as opposed to negative: gay, pleasant, joyful, friendly character by contrast with unpleasant, whimsical, loud, spiteful behavior.

Ability to distract.

Characterizes extent of influence of foreign hindrances on ability to concentrate attention on the line of conduct.

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The adopted

The adopted The adopted child lacks for love even more sharply as he already from the very beginning has feeling of safety.

He knows that for some reason was thrown by the real parents, and can be afraid that his new parents sometime too will throw him.

You are convinced why will be mistake to adopt the child when only one of parents wants it or when both the husband, and the wife think of reception of the child, proceeding only from practical reasons, for example such as receiving the additional assistant on a farm or providing for yourself leaving and care in old age.

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Or the same

Or the same It all the same what to tell: Stop, the world!

I want to return back for some moments and to look at life from other point of view.

Or the same what to come to some time from muddy water and to allow dregs to settle on a bottom soon you will distinguish again a bottom through clear water.

Let all these do not disturb you; for your child it would be very useful to see how you struggle with yourself, trying to overcome rejection of authorities and cynical approach to the solution of the problems.

If you do not do it, the child will start adopting from you negative attitude to life, and it will very quickly stop its spiritual growth.

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If the child

If the child It can be on a platoon because of rivalry with the elder brother or it is burned by jealousy of younger sister.

Perhaps, it is angry every evening because of eternal war with mother concerning withdrawal time to a dream.

Perhaps, he is disturbed by unprepared homeworks.

Or he was excited by transfer by radio.

The solution of all these problems is discussed in other sections.

If the child sleeps a little, it does not mean that he has more and it is not required.

The twoyearold child needs on average at o'clock a night dream and at o'clock a day dream.

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And, you know, it is improbable, but I suddenly

And, you know, it is improbable, but I suddenly What now?

So much all happened!

At school learned.

Not I was pricked one, but learned about me, terrible there was a scandal, from school I was knocked out.

Parents simply had a shock.

And, you know, it is improbable, but I suddenly came round.

About two months I keep.

It is very difficult for me, dreams tortured, in a dream all still: powder, pocket mirror.

Only ten years ago in Russia it was not audible about the heroin use by teenagers at all.

Pharmaceutical opium preparations were not available to them, they were killed by the selfmade means prepared from poppy straws or from the drugs containing, for example, codeine.

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Are induced

Are induced Emotional reaction arises besides will, with logic is not calibrated.

Such process on a vernacular of psychiatrists is called as induction.

Are induced not only emotional reactions, but also psychoses, mass including; they also become the reason of such, for example, actions, as collective suicides in sects.

It is not necessary to think, however, that it something outstanding and is incredibly far from that occurs in our families.


Ordinary reception in psychological consultation and quite ordinary situation: mother with the teenage daughter of sixteen years.

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For it stay

For it stay Mother who already grew up several children can make a fun of such mood.

For it stay in maternity hospital rest when it is not necessary to worry about the child.

She is sure that will cope with a role of mother.

But quite another matter feeling of the woman who became mother for the first time.

Young mother after all uses care and attention in maternity hospital, and here the poor young father feels the absolutely superfluous.

He can see the child only through a window, but for this purpose it has to climb nearly on trees or on the next wall if his wife is not on the first floor.

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