And though

And though If the child constantly lives with mother, she needs absolutely to understand that we now discussed.

It should keep courage and hope and not to dare to test sense of guilt and despondency.

And though it, at first sight, is in unfairly unprofitable situation and in some meanings it indeed she should remember that if it will skillfully control own anger and anger of the child, the deepest respect and love of the child will become an award finally.

I promise it to you!

Education of your child Our society slowly but surely loses any spiritual and moral ancestors therefore honest parents cannot entrust ethical education of the children to other people.

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Quality Intensity.

amount of the energy used at expression of emotions and moods.

A reactivity threshold the level of intensity of the incentive demanded in order that the necessary reaction was shown.

Quality of mood a positive spirit as opposed to negative: gay, pleasant, joyful, friendly character by contrast with unpleasant, whimsical, loud, spiteful behavior.

Ability to distract.

Characterizes extent of influence of foreign hindrances on ability to concentrate attention on the line of conduct.

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The adopted

The adopted The adopted child lacks for love even more sharply as he already from the very beginning has feeling of safety.

He knows that for some reason was thrown by the real parents, and can be afraid that his new parents sometime too will throw him.

You are convinced why will be mistake to adopt the child when only one of parents wants it or when both the husband, and the wife think of reception of the child, proceeding only from practical reasons, for example such as receiving the additional assistant on a farm or providing for yourself leaving and care in old age.

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