Closer by years

Closer by years The child with big hobby plays pans and other house utensils, than cubes and blocks.

Most of children love soft toys dolls and animals, but some are indifferent to them.

Closer by years it becomes more interesting to child to imitate adult and senior children.

At first he imitates that mother and the father do, for example, sweeps a floor, washes the dishes or has a shave.

After years his imagination becomes more creative.

At this age children play with dolls and toy furniture, with trucks and especially willingly with cubes.

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Oh, if his parents

Oh, if his parents Ponder upon words of Volume, it in them and is felt.

Oh, if his parents only knew!

They sincerely loved Thomas, but did not realize, how seldom looked in the face to the son, and is alas generally strict, reproachfully or indignation.

Unconsciously Tom guessed that generally in own way parents love him but because contact of eyes bore only negative emotions, it always had a false representation how actually they concern him.

Remember how he told: Actually anybody does not have to me business, except my friends.

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