It does not mean

It does not mean Independence and sociability The child becomes also more dependent, and more independent.

It sounds is inconsistent.

Mother complains of the oneyearold child: It lifts shout every time as I leave the room.

It does not mean that it develops a bad habit.

Simply the child matures and understands how strongly he depends on mother.

It causes you inconveniences, but it is a good sign.

But, understanding the dependence on mother, the child feels irresistible desire to do everything in own way, to investigate new places, to meet new people.

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It is necessary

It is necessary It is more reasonable not to do this inoculation in very hot weather or if any of family members is chilled or if the child has a cold or other indisposition.

It is necessary to postpone an inoculation and in that case when in a family there is other child who is not imparted from smallpox and having diathesis as there is a probability of casual infection with smallpox from an inoculation.

For full safety the child should do repeated smallpox inoculations each years.

If in the district there are cases of smallpox, the general repeated inoculation is made.

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But these

But these The small child likes many occupations as a result of which he is soiled.

But these occupations are useful to it.

Children adore digging in the earth and sand, to lap in water, to go on pools, to ride on a grass, to compress dirt in hands.

These delightful things enrich their soul, warm, do them kinder, just as music or love do better and kinder than the adult.

If to the child always strictly forbid to soil clothes or to do a disorder and if he takes these prohibitions very much to heart, he will grow up the person with the broken mentality.

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Ask children

Ask children Exposing the next figure on a flanelegraf, ask children: Who is it?

or What is it?


Think and answer.

Ask children questions about contents of the fairy tale.

Where there lived an old womangovorukha?

What did the old womangovorukha when all people worked do?

Why a goat with kids decided to go to the wood?

Where a goat with kids looked for a place for construction of an izba?

Under what trees the goat wanted to construct an izba?

Why the goat did not construct an izba under an appletree?

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