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You will start respecting him less, especially if it happens to him often.And the teenager of subjects respects the parents less, than more often he sees them lost control over themselves.Therefore you have to be more balanced, not lose patience, in whatever form it expressed the independence and aspiration to freedom.By no means it is impossible to block that way on which your teenager comes back to you to fill up the emotional stock.It is extremely important if you want to see it the fullfledged person and the integral personality.


At heart it was a shame to it with the failure.But he did not admit it, assuring that hates school.Even before its school troubles began, he badly got on with the companions.Consciousness of that all consider it as the numskull, only worsened business.The vanity of the child was wounded.Sometimes he started defying before a class.The teacher thought that he purposely behaves badly.Actually the child tried in such unsuccessful way to draw attention of collective.


Certainly, revolt against cultural wealth.Against what then the child in the behavior will go?Against church and religious tenor of life.But there is no guarantee that other prime priorities of a family will manage to leave from attention.Most likely, parents should deal with revolt against two or three main values.DENIZ AND BILL In many families the probability is great that at them will be both a protsentnik, and a protsentnik.It can create additional difficulties.

Other way to accustom

At first carefully knead food a fork and put it to the child in a mouth in very small portions.As the child gets used to a new consistence of food, do slices more and more.Other way to accustom the child to food slices the following: let him take fingers a food slice, for example a carrots cube, and puts it in a mouth.If you try to thrust to it into a mouth a full spoon of slices, it can impart to it disgust for such consistence of food.It is not obligatory to give all food in the form of slices.

He probably

That means theft at more conscious age.When the child of years takes others thing, he knows that arrives badly.He probably will make it secretly, will hide stolen and will deny the fault.When parents or the teacher catch the child on theft, they very much are upset; their first desire to attack on the child with reproaches and to shame him.It is natural: after all all of us were taught that theft a serious crime.To us it becomes terrible when our child steals.

The child

From a typical pose of the newborn there is a moderate bending in coxofemoral joints buttocks though also are raised, but it is not enough.The child is capable not only to turn the head aside, he can even raise it for some seconds, sometimes rather highly fig..In situation on a stomach it is useful for child to spend not less than minutes per day.It is necessary to spread it on a stomach before each feeding and a dream.To sleep on a stomach children of the first year of life are not recommended to choke because of the increased risk.


Later, when the young man will define vital ethical and spiritual values and it usually occurs aged from till years, he / she becomes capable to prove reasonably, logically and accurately the acts and not to resort to selfdestructive, passive aggressively to expression of anger.Therefore we, parents, have to especially diligently teach the teenagers to cope with anger.GUARDIAN ANGELS My former pastor, Moncrieff Jordan, told me about one friend and as this history has a direct bearing on our subject, I want to retell it to you.

I then was years

But when it executed year, it became obvious that it not only a cerebral palsy and a heavy form has epilepsies, but as intellectually it too seriously lags behind.I then was years old, I was the husband and the father, but suddenly had such feelings which considered simply impossible for himself earlier.I was overwhelmed by rage, irritation, to me it was intolerably sick, I felt guilty and absolutely defective as the man, the father and the husband.There were to bear no forces this freight, and I wanted to escape, hide simply, especially when I saw that Cathie's condition does not improve.

It is not necessary

But feet meanwhile are still bent in knee and coxofemoral joints.It is not necessary to use this motor ability of the child as physical exercise because oporno the motive device is not ready to standing and walking yet.Attention!If the child at this fatherinlaw strongly rests the straightened feet, becomes on socks, and at an inclination of an upper body does the repeated and fast step movements forward, it is necessary to address to the children's neurologist immediately.Such standing and gait are not signs of the accelerated development of the child.

Due to imagination

For boys the beginning of visit of kindergarten can be postponed until , years.The independent roleplaying game is improved.For example, playing with a doll or a bear, the child can speak I is a mother, I am a doctor, that is assumes a certain role.Dresses and undresses dolls.Shows imagination in game a chair the car, a cube soap.Due to imagination can carry out game actions without subjects.Dreams in game, entering into it fantastic heroes.In game calls himself some character.

At first

The boy was chilled and coughed.The doctor prescribed medicine against cough.In months the child again began to cough, and mother again gave him the same medicine, without having consulted to the doctor.At first medicine helped a little, and then cough so amplified that all the same it was necessary to call the doctor.At once it became clear to the doctor that the child has not a cold, but whooping cough.He would establish it a week ago if it was caused.The child should be separated from other children that he did not infect them.

And many

What has to be a spoon.The usual teaspoon is too great for a mouth of the small child.And many types of spoons too deep so it is difficult for child to remove from them food.It is better to feed the child with a coffee spoon with more flat bottom.Some mothers use wooden sticks same, what doctors use at survey of a throat of the child.Porridge.The order of introduction of different types of firm food does not matter.Usually first of all give porridges.


It is a pity that we did not listen to councils of Mrs.Collins.Onaochen good teacher.Gradually Debbie became indifferent and to life.One behind another she gave up all the hobbies and, appear, lost interest in everything, even to church.Started avoiding the best friends and more and more time one saw off.Talked a little.But a year ago everything became even worse.She completely moved away from the old friends and started communicating with children from the street.

And I understood

:.When about two years were Deyvidu, I understood that he treats the second group of children, percent.Obviously, it was from what live under the slogan: I will make everything itself.And I understood that it is necessary to do to cope with it.If it happened to Deyvidu to fall into anger, it never was for us secret because, unlike Deyla, it expressed the feelings very openly.We with Pat tried to watch attentively him and to help it to show discontent which as we knew, sometimes seized it.

However, hunger

Mother has to understand that crying in the first some weeks is generally caused by other reasons, and not to lose hope.Of course, hunger too can be the cause of crying.However, hunger will force the child to wake up for the following feeding earlier rather, than will disturb him in the first hours after feeding.If he really got hungry too early, unexpected strengthening of appetite or temporary reduction of amount of breast milk because of fatigue or troubles at mother can be the cause.


How to achieve good school.Parents sometimes speak: It is good to speak to you about ideal schools, but at school where my child studies, teaching is conducted according to pattern programs and I can do nothing with it.It not so.Each city can have such schools what are necessary to children.Improvement of school system of training business of each citizen; the democratic rights are so carried out.But it is necessary to represent clearly what has to be good school.

If mother

If mother needs to stop a fight to save life of one of children or to prevent obvious injustice, or to restore silence for the sake of own tranquillity, she should demand simply the quarrel termination, to refuse to listen to both parties, to tell that to it it is uninteresting who is right who is guilty Though, perhaps, one of children is obviously very guilty and then to give the conversation another turn and to forget about the incident.In one case it is possible to offer any compromise, in other something to distract attention of children.

I will give

Parents have to be on the alert because the child can ask an indirect question or only hint or joke on this topic to check reaction of parents.I will give examples.The sevenyearold boy who, on belief of parents, had no idea of an origin of children, all the time, being confused a little, paid attention to the growing stomach of the pregnant mother and joked about it.Mother should use this situation better late than never and to explain to the child everything.One little girl whom very much occupied why she differs from boys, tried to urinate standing.

Feeding. If your

These are the most

The physical contact corresponding to age and continuous contact of eyes is two most precious gifts which we can give to our children.These are the most effective ways to fill the emotional tank of the child and to help it to develop in the best way.Thomas's parents, unfortunately, could not open a secret of these two valuable gifts.We already explained how they incorrectly used contact of eyes.They considered that tender touches suit only for girls because they need ostentatious love.

One more

Any human interaction can cause anger.One more important point: the anger will increase, become more and more uncontrollable and even dangerous if not to struggle with it.And that it is more destructive.than more difficult to cope with it.Therefore we have to look for a way that or to nip it in the bud if it is based on misunderstanding, or to track that it came to light and disappeared if it is fair.Such control over anger is given nobody simply.That the person reached that level of a maturity which is required dlyarazumny management of anger, it is necessary to teach it that, in turn, assumes big expenses of time and forces.

It is especially

Though each of us has close friends and during study at school, institute friends nevertheless something special.We can call these people many years later and almost always instantly renew close relationship.It as conversation which begins with that place where it broke and we are had to those good old days again.It is especially important to have high opinion on friendship to that teenager who is excessively directed in the future and it is inclined to underestimate friendship value.Though your teenager can be and absolutely other warehouse.

However most

It, of course, so, but most of children who started them using, already were in a depression because that their emotional requirements were not satisfied.However most of adults neglects this fact.Very few people from us understand that the teenager who is in a depression, it mostly the teenager, sickening.And than more he is irritated, especially deeply he plunges into a depression.In fact, it is a vicious circle, and any teenager can get to it, irrespective of age and life experience.

I am sure

It has huge value as the teenager who is in a depression does not perceive the help if it is not directed as well on removal of a depression.I am sure that to look through a depression in such young people inexcusable negligence.And many centers which are engaged in teenagers, unfortunately, pay attention only to behavior, without taking into consideration possibility of a depression.Girls usually try to pull out in less violent ways, however because of an adverse effect of the mass media spreading force cult, the type of their behavior starts changing.

They are in a quite

Getting rid in itself of suicide intentions, teenagers need not less than three months.During this time it can become clear that the situation did not change for the better: the girlfriend did not return to it, marks became better not, a drug addiction or to alcohol the same strong.Here the thought that the only way out repeated attempt to leave life also comes to their mind.They are in a quite good form and start planning suicide attempt number two with redoubled zeal.In this case their friends should be on the lookout.

They show

For example, I am come back to memory by the little girl with curled ringlets and in an elegant dress the only child in the family adoring her.All family members are amused a crumb, forgetting that it should mature.They continue to lisp with the little girl and when she was for a long time above age to which it is natural.They show the behavior that the girl is pleasant to them more when she behaves as the charming sweetie.It is not surprising that the girl willingly plays this role.But it will be very difficult for it when it appears among children of the age because they will not consider her as the lovely sweetie, they will laugh at it.

But they

That the child got used to this innovation, it is enough to give it only part of food in the form of slices every day.Meat still carefully to a provertyvayta as it is difficult for child to chew the whole piece.Often children long chew the same piece of meat and anything it is impossible to them.But they are afraid to swallow not chewed meat.It can bring or to that the child will start choking with a piece, or to it meat will cease to please see section .Food of the child by the end of the year.

The thought

At us millions of people accuse others for own antisocial behavior.Children grow so quickly.Today they do not manage to take breath as already let out them to the adult world where aggression or permissiveness reigns.More them nobody considers as meaning of life and hope for the future.The thought of them does not warm heart any more and does not help to live.As society concentrates on desires of adults more and more, children lose more and more.Parents, especially those from us who really worry about the children, necessarily appeared in a difficult situation.

On the other

Than more we will wound the teenager, that a high probability that will operate him, using his sense of guilt.On the other hand, than the teenager is firmer soul, that he is more inclined to operate in the same way others.The mechanism is quite simple here: the one who operates, finds means to force the companion to feel the guilty before it.The most typical and most dangerous example the is as follows: boy, trying to force the girl to enter with it intimate relations, speaks: If you really love me, you will make it.


Measures which the doctor applies to perhaps fuller treatment of a sore extremity, are defined by many factors.The doctor solves how to help the patient at each stage of an illness; the general rules in this respect do not exist.Surgeons are able to make a set of smart operations which do an affected extremity more useful and prevent its deformation.Quarantine Isolation of infectious patients.Try to isolate the child with an infectious disease from other family members adults and children who had no this illness yet.

Try to calm

I understand that you simply splash out the irritation.Try to calm down, she tenderly put the hand on Gerry's shoulder.You have any troubles at school?Gerry brought a school bag from a table in the hall and got a notebook for examinations.Well if only not to consider the two on mathematics as trouble, he said sarcastically.You want to talk about it now or slightly later?I do not understand why I have such low mark, mothers, Gerry told much more softly.

Closer by years

The child with big hobby plays pans and other house utensils, than cubes and blocks.Most of children love soft toys dolls and animals, but some are indifferent to them.Closer by years it becomes more interesting to child to imitate adult and senior children.At first he imitates that mother and the father do, for example, sweeps a floor, washes the dishes or has a shave.After years his imagination becomes more creative.At this age children play with dolls and toy furniture, with trucks and especially willingly with cubes.

Oh, if his parents

Ponder upon words of Volume, it in them and is felt.Oh, if his parents only knew!They sincerely loved Thomas, but did not realize, how seldom looked in the face to the son, and is alas generally strict, reproachfully or indignation.Unconsciously Tom guessed that generally in own way parents love him but because contact of eyes bore only negative emotions, it always had a false representation how actually they concern him.Remember how he told: Actually anybody does not have to me business, except my friends.


Especially often the tic meets at the nervous children having strict parents.Sometimes mother or the father do to the child of the remark and give orders as soon as he appears nearby.Perhaps, parents constantly disapprovingly treat the child or demand from him too many, or overload him, forcing to practise both music, and dances, and sport.If the child grew bolder and objected, he would not be so internally intense.But, being brought too well up, it constrains and accumulates irritation which is shown in a tic.


His imagination developed to such an extent that he is able to present himself on a place of other people and to imagine those dangers to which it was never exposed.Inquisitiveness of the child haunts neither to him, nor another.He wants to know not only all phenomena have the reasons of all events, but also what relation personally to it.He overhears about death and asks: what is such and whether he has to die too.These fears are especially typical for those children whom irritated, forced to eat and use a pot, often told exciting, terrifying stories or threatened too much and abused, or excessively sponsored, or did not give the chance to develop independence and sociability.

It is possible

Therefore it is easy for child to eat him, even so far he has no teeth.Here the easiest way to prepare meat for the child: naskoblit the necessary amount of crude meat stupid edge of a knife or a spoon and put it in a cup which should be put in a pan with the boiling water.Meat is ready when red color finally disappears.It is possible to add milk or water to pulp, then weight will turn out more juicy.Other method such: quickly to fry a piece of meat to kill bacteria on its surface, and then, strong holding it in hand, to oskoblit a spoon.


Passes on tiptoe not less than six seven steps.Has to be able postoyatbez supports on one foot at least of seconds.Returns a ball one hand.Throws a ball two hands from a breast, from below, because of the head.Catches the ball thrown at a short distance, two hands.A half of children at this age can catch the ball thrown from distance into meters.Throws a ball through obstacles.Has surer and coordinated pose when kicks a big ball so that it slid compare a pose to drawing in the previous stage.

It does not mean

Independence and sociability The child becomes also more dependent, and more independent.It sounds is inconsistent.Mother complains of the oneyearold child: It lifts shout every time as I leave the room.It does not mean that it develops a bad habit.Simply the child matures and understands how strongly he depends on mother.It causes you inconveniences, but it is a good sign.But, understanding the dependence on mother, the child feels irresistible desire to do everything in own way, to investigate new places, to meet new people.

It is necessary

It is more reasonable not to do this inoculation in very hot weather or if any of family members is chilled or if the child has a cold or other indisposition.It is necessary to postpone an inoculation and in that case when in a family there is other child who is not imparted from smallpox and having diathesis as there is a probability of casual infection with smallpox from an inoculation.For full safety the child should do repeated smallpox inoculations each years.If in the district there are cases of smallpox, the general repeated inoculation is made.

But these

The small child likes many occupations as a result of which he is soiled.But these occupations are useful to it.Children adore digging in the earth and sand, to lap in water, to go on pools, to ride on a grass, to compress dirt in hands.These delightful things enrich their soul, warm, do them kinder, just as music or love do better and kinder than the adult.If to the child always strictly forbid to soil clothes or to do a disorder and if he takes these prohibitions very much to heart, he will grow up the person with the broken mentality.

Ask children

Exposing the next figure on a flanelegraf, ask children: Who is it?or What is it?.Think and answer.Ask children questions about contents of the fairy tale.Where there lived an old womangovorukha?What did the old womangovorukha when all people worked do?Why a goat with kids decided to go to the wood?Where a goat with kids looked for a place for construction of an izba?Under what trees the goat wanted to construct an izba?Why the goat did not construct an izba under an appletree?

And though

If the child constantly lives with mother, she needs absolutely to understand that we now discussed.It should keep courage and hope and not to dare to test sense of guilt and despondency.And though it, at first sight, is in unfairly unprofitable situation and in some meanings it indeed she should remember that if it will skillfully control own anger and anger of the child, the deepest respect and love of the child will become an award finally.I promise it to you!Education of your child Our society slowly but surely loses any spiritual and moral ancestors therefore honest parents cannot entrust ethical education of the children to other people.


Intensity.amount of the energy used at expression of emotions and moods.A reactivity threshold the level of intensity of the incentive demanded in order that the necessary reaction was shown.Quality of mood a positive spirit as opposed to negative: gay, pleasant, joyful, friendly character by contrast with unpleasant, whimsical, loud, spiteful behavior.Ability to distract.Characterizes extent of influence of foreign hindrances on ability to concentrate attention on the line of conduct.

The adopted

The adopted child lacks for love even more sharply as he already from the very beginning has feeling of safety.He knows that for some reason was thrown by the real parents, and can be afraid that his new parents sometime too will throw him.You are convinced why will be mistake to adopt the child when only one of parents wants it or when both the husband, and the wife think of reception of the child, proceeding only from practical reasons, for example such as receiving the additional assistant on a farm or providing for yourself leaving and care in old age.

Or the same

It all the same what to tell: Stop, the world!I want to return back for some moments and to look at life from other point of view.Or the same what to come to some time from muddy water and to allow dregs to settle on a bottom soon you will distinguish again a bottom through clear water.Let all these do not disturb you; for your child it would be very useful to see how you struggle with yourself, trying to overcome rejection of authorities and cynical approach to the solution of the problems.If you do not do it, the child will start adopting from you negative attitude to life, and it will very quickly stop its spiritual growth.

If the child

It can be on a platoon because of rivalry with the elder brother or it is burned by jealousy of younger sister.Perhaps, it is angry every evening because of eternal war with mother concerning withdrawal time to a dream.Perhaps, he is disturbed by unprepared homeworks.Or he was excited by transfer by radio.The solution of all these problems is discussed in other sections.If the child sleeps a little, it does not mean that he has more and it is not required.The twoyearold child needs on average at o'clock a night dream and at o'clock a day dream.

And, you know, it is improbable, but I suddenly

What now?So much all happened!At school learned.Not I was pricked one, but learned about me, terrible there was a scandal, from school I was knocked out.Parents simply had a shock.And, you know, it is improbable, but I suddenly came round.About two months I keep.It is very difficult for me, dreams tortured, in a dream all still: powder, pocket mirror.Only ten years ago in Russia it was not audible about the heroin use by teenagers at all.Pharmaceutical opium preparations were not available to them, they were killed by the selfmade means prepared from poppy straws or from the drugs containing, for example, codeine.

Are induced

Emotional reaction arises besides will, with logic is not calibrated.Such process on a vernacular of psychiatrists is called as induction.Are induced not only emotional reactions, but also psychoses, mass including; they also become the reason of such, for example, actions, as collective suicides in sects.It is not necessary to think, however, that it something outstanding and is incredibly far from that occurs in our families..Ordinary reception in psychological consultation and quite ordinary situation: mother with the teenage daughter of sixteen years.

For it stay

Mother who already grew up several children can make a fun of such mood.For it stay in maternity hospital rest when it is not necessary to worry about the child.She is sure that will cope with a role of mother.But quite another matter feeling of the woman who became mother for the first time.Young mother after all uses care and attention in maternity hospital, and here the poor young father feels the absolutely superfluous.He can see the child only through a window, but for this purpose it has to climb nearly on trees or on the next wall if his wife is not on the first floor.

Do it when

You need to teach them to this equipment.Do it when to you and the child it is good and both of you feel safe.Then it will be able to apply this equipment minutes of tension or when loses selfcontrol.Teach the child to strain and then to weaken each part of a body: left foot, left foot, right foot, right foot and so on.Often development of this equipment is helped by imagination when the child represents the favourite hero from the animated film which carries out exercise along with it.


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