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Onaochen It is a pity that we did not listen to councils of Mrs.


Onaochen good teacher.

Gradually Debbie became indifferent and to life.

One behind another she gave up all the hobbies and, appear, lost interest in everything, even to church.

Started avoiding the best friends and more and more time one saw off.

Talked a little.

But a year ago everything became even worse.

She completely moved away from the old friends and started communicating with children from the street.

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And I understood

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And I understood :.

When about two years were Deyvidu, I understood that he treats the second group of children, percent.

Obviously, it was from what live under the slogan: I will make everything itself.

And I understood that it is necessary to do to cope with it.

If it happened to Deyvidu to fall into anger, it never was for us secret because, unlike Deyla, it expressed the feelings very openly.

We with Pat tried to watch attentively him and to help it to show discontent which as we knew, sometimes seized it.

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However, hunger

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However, hunger Mother has to understand that crying in the first some weeks is generally caused by other reasons, and not to lose hope.

Of course, hunger too can be the cause of crying.

However, hunger will force the child to wake up for the following feeding earlier rather, than will disturb him in the first hours after feeding.

If he really got hungry too early, unexpected strengthening of appetite or temporary reduction of amount of breast milk because of fatigue or troubles at mother can be the cause.

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Parents How to achieve good school.

Parents sometimes speak: It is good to speak to you about ideal schools, but at school where my child studies, teaching is conducted according to pattern programs and I can do nothing with it.

It not so.

Each city can have such schools what are necessary to children.

Improvement of school system of training business of each citizen; the democratic rights are so carried out.

But it is necessary to represent clearly what has to be good school.

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If mother

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If mother If mother needs to stop a fight to save life of one of children or to prevent obvious injustice, or to restore silence for the sake of own tranquillity, she should demand simply the quarrel termination, to refuse to listen to both parties, to tell that to it it is uninteresting who is right who is guilty Though, perhaps, one of children is obviously very guilty and then to give the conversation another turn and to forget about the incident.

In one case it is possible to offer any compromise, in other something to distract attention of children.

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I will give

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I will give Parents have to be on the alert because the child can ask an indirect question or only hint or joke on this topic to check reaction of parents.

I will give examples.

The sevenyearold boy who, on belief of parents, had no idea of an origin of children, all the time, being confused a little, paid attention to the growing stomach of the pregnant mother and joked about it.

Mother should use this situation better late than never and to explain to the child everything.

One little girl whom very much occupied why she differs from boys, tried to urinate standing.

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