Feeding. If your

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Feeding. If your Such talk would be harmful to parents even if it would be the truth.

The biggest misfortune that poor parents should listen to all these tales just in such time when they seek to overcome own concern.

Parents of the premature child should be reminded more often themselves that other parents in their situation felt also and that if they make every effort to treat the child as to normal, eventually will be convinced that he is really absolutely normal.


If your child weighs , kg that day when you bring him home from hospital, he probably will need to eat each hours in the afternoon and in hours at night.

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These are the most

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These are the most The physical contact corresponding to age and continuous contact of eyes is two most precious gifts which we can give to our children.

These are the most effective ways to fill the emotional tank of the child and to help it to develop in the best way.

Thomas's parents, unfortunately, could not open a secret of these two valuable gifts.

We already explained how they incorrectly used contact of eyes.

They considered that tender touches suit only for girls because they need ostentatious love.

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One more

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One more Any human interaction can cause anger.

One more important point: the anger will increase, become more and more uncontrollable and even dangerous if not to struggle with it.

And that it is more destructive.

than more difficult to cope with it.

Therefore we have to look for a way that or to nip it in the bud if it is based on misunderstanding, or to track that it came to light and disappeared if it is fair.

Such control over anger is given nobody simply.

That the person reached that level of a maturity which is required dlyarazumny management of anger, it is necessary to teach it that, in turn, assumes big expenses of time and forces.

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It is especially

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It is especially Though each of us has close friends and during study at school, institute friends nevertheless something special.

We can call these people many years later and almost always instantly renew close relationship.

It as conversation which begins with that place where it broke and we are had to those good old days again.

It is especially important to have high opinion on friendship to that teenager who is excessively directed in the future and it is inclined to underestimate friendship value.

Though your teenager can be and absolutely other warehouse.

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However most

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However most It, of course, so, but most of children who started them using, already were in a depression because that their emotional requirements were not satisfied.

However most of adults neglects this fact.

Very few people from us understand that the teenager who is in a depression, it mostly the teenager, sickening.

And than more he is irritated, especially deeply he plunges into a depression.

In fact, it is a vicious circle, and any teenager can get to it, irrespective of age and life experience.

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I am sure

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I am sure It has huge value as the teenager who is in a depression does not perceive the help if it is not directed as well on removal of a depression.

I am sure that to look through a depression in such young people inexcusable negligence.

And many centers which are engaged in teenagers, unfortunately, pay attention only to behavior, without taking into consideration possibility of a depression.

Girls usually try to pull out in less violent ways, however because of an adverse effect of the mass media spreading force cult, the type of their behavior starts changing.

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