They are in a quite

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They are in a quite Getting rid in itself of suicide intentions, teenagers need not less than three months.

During this time it can become clear that the situation did not change for the better: the girlfriend did not return to it, marks became better not, a drug addiction or to alcohol the same strong.

Here the thought that the only way out repeated attempt to leave life also comes to their mind.

They are in a quite good form and start planning suicide attempt number two with redoubled zeal.

In this case their friends should be on the lookout.

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They show

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They show For example, I am come back to memory by the little girl with curled ringlets and in an elegant dress the only child in the family adoring her.

All family members are amused a crumb, forgetting that it should mature.

They continue to lisp with the little girl and when she was for a long time above age to which it is natural.

They show the behavior that the girl is pleasant to them more when she behaves as the charming sweetie.

It is not surprising that the girl willingly plays this role.

But it will be very difficult for it when it appears among children of the age because they will not consider her as the lovely sweetie, they will laugh at it.

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But they

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But they That the child got used to this innovation, it is enough to give it only part of food in the form of slices every day.

Meat still carefully to a provertyvayta as it is difficult for child to chew the whole piece.

Often children long chew the same piece of meat and anything it is impossible to them.

But they are afraid to swallow not chewed meat.

It can bring or to that the child will start choking with a piece, or to it meat will cease to please see section .

Food of the child by the end of the year.

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The thought

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The thought At us millions of people accuse others for own antisocial behavior.

Children grow so quickly.

Today they do not manage to take breath as already let out them to the adult world where aggression or permissiveness reigns.

More them nobody considers as meaning of life and hope for the future.

The thought of them does not warm heart any more and does not help to live.

As society concentrates on desires of adults more and more, children lose more and more.

Parents, especially those from us who really worry about the children, necessarily appeared in a difficult situation.

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On the other

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On the other Than more we will wound the teenager, that a high probability that will operate him, using his sense of guilt.

On the other hand, than the teenager is firmer soul, that he is more inclined to operate in the same way others.

The mechanism is quite simple here: the one who operates, finds means to force the companion to feel the guilty before it.

The most typical and most dangerous example the is as follows: boy, trying to force the girl to enter with it intimate relations, speaks: If you really love me, you will make it.

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Quarantine Measures which the doctor applies to perhaps fuller treatment of a sore extremity, are defined by many factors.

The doctor solves how to help the patient at each stage of an illness; the general rules in this respect do not exist.

Surgeons are able to make a set of smart operations which do an affected extremity more useful and prevent its deformation.

Quarantine Isolation of infectious patients.

Try to isolate the child with an infectious disease from other family members adults and children who had no this illness yet.

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