For it stay

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For it stay Mother who already grew up several children can make a fun of such mood.

For it stay in maternity hospital rest when it is not necessary to worry about the child.

She is sure that will cope with a role of mother.

But quite another matter feeling of the woman who became mother for the first time.

Young mother after all uses care and attention in maternity hospital, and here the poor young father feels the absolutely superfluous.

He can see the child only through a window, but for this purpose it has to climb nearly on trees or on the next wall if his wife is not on the first floor.

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Do it when

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Do it when You need to teach them to this equipment.

Do it when to you and the child it is good and both of you feel safe.

Then it will be able to apply this equipment minutes of tension or when loses selfcontrol.

Teach the child to strain and then to weaken each part of a body: left foot, left foot, right foot, right foot and so on.

Often development of this equipment is helped by imagination when the child represents the favourite hero from the animated film which carries out exercise along with it.

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